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Z Yan has been participated in quite a number of compilation/album. This is the most significant's album among.

<Bloom> Compilation
(Pop Jazz Audiophile)

Released on 14th August 2013. A compilation of Malaysia's first chinese audiophile company, Pop Pop. Gather of Malaysia's top-notch finger-style guitarist Roger Wang, Piano maestro Tay Cher Siang, Diva Lydia Chui Ling, Winnie Ho, Bossa Princess Z Yan and up-coming artiste Serena Chong.


Released on 27th August 2007. This was Z Yan first solo album. All of the songs were original composition. Despite a good and youthful sweetness tone,  Z Yan has contributed five lyrics into it, making her a singer-songwriter's image. This album has been nominated for "The Best Album Cover" in Yu Xie Jiang, the Malaysia most significant music award.

<Bossa Princess> 
(Bossanova/Jazz Audiophile)

Released on 25 December 2010.  Z Yan, Malaysia's first chinese bossa nova album. The album has a mixture of classic & modern chinese pop songs, a mix of slow numbers & fast numbers. It has also been made to the cover of Hong Kong audiophile magazine < 2011 CD BIBLE >, an authoritative audiophile album' guide listing the 800 all time best audiophile records.

<Good Times> Compilation

Z Yan very first compilation album. All original composition with four singers chosen from over 50 singers in an audition. Her voice tended to be alternative and unique when were first found by her mentor. 

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